About Sweet Yarns


I'm Lauren and I own Sweet Yarns, Greater Sudbury's only yarn shop. My Granny taught me to knit at a young age, about 7 or 8. I've been knitting on and off ever since. My love of knitting has also turned into designing and I write patterns for yarn in the store quite often. I learned to crochet a few years before purchasing Sweet Yarns and dabble in it periodically.
Owning Sweet Yarns is a pleasure! I enjoy helping customers match patterns and yarns, choosing colours, and passing on my love of knitting. If you need help getting started or are ready to up your knitting skills, I am here.
Every project is an investment of your time and money. You want yarns that are going to last and at a price you can afford. I only carry products in the store that I believe in and strive to find qualtiy ones for every budget.
Stop by the store and we'll get you going on your next project. Need more information? Head over to our Contact SY page and send a note. 
Sweet Yarns was established in 2010 and was housed on Long Lake Road. In 2014 it moved to it's Lorne Street location. I purchase the store from it's original owner in 2015 and expanded to an online shop as well in 2016. Summer 2018 brought more changes as Sweet Yarns has moved to it's current location in the Minnow Lake area.