3 Steps for Stress-free Christmas Gift Crafting

3 steps for stress-free Christmas gift crafting

Many of us get the crafting bug to make Christmas gifts and it can get stressful with the date looming. So, before it gets that bad, follow these three steps to make your Christmas gift crafting stress-free.


What is your budget?

Look at your Christmas budget and figure out how much of that you can afford to spend on gift crafting. Setting a number will help you prioritize what you are going to make this season.


How much crafting time do you have?

Look at the calendar. With all your commitments, appointments, responsibilities, how much time to do you realistically have to craft gifts before you need them?


Who do you want to craft for?

Look at your list of people you need gifts for. Who of them are knit-worthy and what you would like to make?


Now that you know those three things, go through your yarn and pattern stashes, then head to your favourite LYS. I’ll help you plan your projects, find patterns, match colours, and order the right yarn for each of the ones you’re going to make.

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